Worthington Composite Squadron
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sUAS Activities

Worthington Composite Squadron's Drone (sUAS) program is ramping up! Community groups, ask for a live demonstration. 

Semper Vigilans

Remaining 'Ever Vigilant' from its base in southwest Minnesota since 1942, Worthington Composite Squadron's adult and youth are ICS-trained air and ground teams supporting local, state, regional and national agencies as members of the all-volunteer civilian USAF Auxiliary. 

sUAS Teams

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS, aka, "drones") complement CAP's ground and air capabilities. Generally, a Drone Crew will operate with a Ground Team. They can also be sent out to perform some types of missions on their own. Inquire!

O Flights

Cadets are entitled to 5 funded glider, and 5 funded powered, Orientation Flights as part of the Aerospace Education program.

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Earn Your Wings

Volunteer FAA-certified instructors offer their services free to Cadets training toward their Private Pilot license. Professional ag pilot JR Arnt earned his as a Worthington Composite Squadron Cadet (shown here). 

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